Yesterday Again

Well, the same thing happened today as did yesterday. Tomorrow, I’ve heard that the Math makeups are at the same time, and so I’m just ding the same thing then. I also heard that the other EOG makeups are next Tuesday, so that’s another late day…the question is, are they going to try anything on Thursday, or any day after? I still have mixed answers on whether or not they actually will try to test me on a non-testing and non-makeup day, or even if they can.

I’ve also talked with some people and, apparently, the MSLs do not, in fact, count for a grade…if I hear anything that seems more decisive between now and Thursday, I might consider them, but it looks like no repercussions whatsoever.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday Again

  1. What I’ve read about the MSL’s (now called the NC Final Exam’s) is that they are to assess the *teachers* performance, not the students! In other words they are a stick to keep the teachers teaching to the common core standards as measured by the student’s “growth” on the tests (see below).

    Good luck on finishing up the school year being a conscientious objector!

    “The North Carolina Teacher Evaluation Process and the NC Final Exams
    The NC Final Exams are used to assess educators’ performance in relation to Standard 6 and Standard 8 of the North Carolina Educator Evaluation System (State Board policy GCS-A-016). Both the teacher and the school executive evaluation processes include a student growth component. Standard 6 focuses on the amount of growth students achieve as the result of a teacher’s instruction.”

    […] “The attached chart lists course codes that align with the NC Final Exams (formerly called the Measures of Student Learning: NC’s Common Exams) that will be administered during the 2013-14 school year. (Updated November 26, 2013)”

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