Blue Hat Day, Again

So…today was Blue Hat Day. As most of the people who read this blog likely know. Here, we said that the meeting at Wilson Park was from around 5-7. Which it was…sort of. As it turns out, we got our times wrong and ended up leaving Wilson Park just after 5. What a fluke, huh?

So…we are hoping that other Blue Hat Days for other people went a bit better. If you would put in the comments for this post your experience on Blue Hat Day (if you did anything, that is), I think that would make us feel a little better about it.

Although, there is still next year’s Blue Hat Day to plan for! We are planning to have Blue Hat Day on the 17th of September every year, like a holiday.

So…yeah! Share your experiences as comments if you like; we are going to be sending out a poll (or a few more than one) a bit later on, to have something work out fine, so there is that. Have a great September 18th after this!


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