Blue Hat Day

Blue Hat Day-September 17th-is coming up very, very fast. 9 more days. Here is what we have as an outline as to what might happen:

People who are in the area around here in NC: we are having a gathering at Wilson park in Carrboro from about 5-7 p.m. It is simply a gathering of anyone concerned about the effects of the Common Core (standardized testing and such) in the public schools.  We won’t have a keynote speaker nor a podium.  It will be an open format for people to simply meet and find out what common concerns we may share and hopefully what kinds of actions we can take together. No one will be leading it, but Zoe and I will be open to answer any questions you may have.  This is a great time for teachers, parents, students, and other concerned citizens to share their experiences and ideas.

People who are not in the area, such as the rest of the people who want to take part but who are quite far away: no problem! Just as we are organizing a gathering here, so can all of you in your areas. Or, maybe you could have a group of people walking down a street for a while, or if someone has a test that day, encourage peers to opt out. Just some ideas; do what works for you and your community!

As you may know from reading our website and Zoe’s opting out of last year’s EOGs and MSLs…we are committed to overturning the use of Common Core and all that is linked to it in our public schools.  Our goal is to have it removed completely and replaced with systems that actually foster learning and teaching.

Please share this and help us get the word out in the Chapel Hill Area.  If you know of anyone locally, please forward this message.  If you are out of our area, feel free to copy the format here and organize locally by sharing your own version of this.  We are hoping to hear about Blue Hat meetings all over the place.


One thought on “Blue Hat Day

  1. Reblogged this on Empower our schools! and commented:
    For Triangle NC readers, there is going to be a gathering in Carrboro (Wilson Park) on Blue Hat Day 9/17/13 from 5-7pm. Folks can meet and share ideas about the impacts that Common Core Curriculum is having on our schools.

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