Day 3-Victory over MSL

I must be brief…gotta get ready for work.

First of all I just really want to thank the huge number of people who have written to us with words of encouragement and support.  To some people this may seem a trivial thing.  But believe me, when someone is telling you that your child is breaking the law, and that they are forbidden from attending school…it tends to be a time when you would really like some support. So Zoe and I are very grateful for it.

9:20 already?  Yikes!  Okay…here is the brief version…

  • We started off with the full cooperation of the County Test Coordinator and school Principal, being given an all clear for Zoe to just sit in and not test.
  • Then when test day came I was told to pick my daughter up and was mailed the following sentiment from the school district’s lawyer from the Principal: There is no legal avenue for excusing your child from the exam.  And I was invited to actually withdraw my child from the school…the Principal even hinted to my daughter that she could withdraw and be homeschooled.
  • I threatened lawyer’s and my daughter decided to go to school anyway in order to demand her legal right to be at school.
  • Today she is in school and I got this email from the Principal…which is a complete about face in stance…”Zoe may certainly come to school today.  As I’ve said, if she is here we are to test her.  If she sits and refuses to complete the test it will be scored as such as it is a computer test.”

They backed down when we called their bluff and then acted as if they had never threatened to have her removed from school…But the point isn’t their role reversal.  The point is that consistent civil disobedience calls their bluff because there is NO law that enforces a student’s removal from school for not taking a test.  I have made a video outlining a bit more as well to come later today.

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