Day 2 of Opting Out–Can I Sleep Now?

Today Zoe was home once again.  And we have been scrambling to figure out what to do.  Many wonderful strategies and ideas have come through.  I had to work for a bit and Zoe spent her day contacting people, or trying to contact people on our makeshift whiteboard list…see below…




Now if you add to this list, being interviewed by ABC-11 News and calling the ACLU and replying yes to attending a symposium as well as a radio show…then I need to know who is going to ask me if I want a nap.  Oh…and I work too.  Funny thing is how I was so looking forward to a lovely calm life this week.  This is just a quick update.  I also received a disappointing response and further policy statement from the Principal of Zoe’s school.   More to come later.

Our interview will either be on at 4:30 or 5:30 this evening on ABC-11.  And then it will on their website.  I must go take kids around for activities now.  Will post more later this evening.


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